2017 Annual Meeting Update:

Cindy Hankey

 We currently have 504 lake association members; up from last year’s total of 481.   Our new membership renewal form was positively received.  We now offer multiple-year memberships, but annual memberships remain the most popular option.  Members continue to prefer e-mail as their correspondence preference which saves the association time and money.  In addition to managing membership renewals, we distribute the spring and fall newsletters and send a directory of all current members every three years.

Bob Hankey

The CGWLAA is an association of volunteers working to maintain and improve our lakes’ quality of life, natural resources and property values.  Our lake association is busy.  Here’s a summary of our activities:




  • Supporting the Aquatic Invasive Species Program (AIS) which monitors the presence of zebra mussel, Eurasian milfoil, and spiny water flea in area lakes. In 2016, our association applied for, and received, a watercraft inspection matching grant of $3,000 making possible 375 hours of watercraft inspections at public access sites.  For additional information, read the spring 2015 CGWLAA newsletter under publications on this website.
  • In conjunction with the Cass County Sheriff’s department, Water Patrol volunteers work approximately 200 hours over the summer months ensuring that boaters are operating watercraft in a safe and respectful manner. In addition, they installed safety buoys on our lakes. (P.S. They also serve as a great resource to find out where the fish are biting)!!
  • Publishing “Lake News”, our bi-annual newsletter, which informs you of CGWLAA events. “Lake News” back issues are located under publications on the website.
  • Have you enjoyed our pristine roadways? Thank-you to our Road Clean-Up volunteers!
  • Supporting the Fisheries Program which works in conjunction with the DNR to monitor the spring Boy River spawn, hatching of walleye eggs, re-introduction of walleye fry into Woman Lake, and fall electro-fishing that predicts maturing fish populations in the future.
  • Hanging a Road Sign wherever a CGWLAA signpost standard is present. When no standard is present, the property owner will receive the road sign.
  • Collecting Water Quality samples five times during the summer to monitor the presence of phosphorus and chlorophyll-a; strong indicators of algae growth and water clarity.
  • Monitoring area Stewardship/Conservation issues affecting land and water management developments.
  • Distributing free native trees and shrubs to CGWLAA members to encourage habitat development. The order form for the Tree Program is in the fall version of the CGWLAA newsletter.  Over the past 3 years, more than 1500 native trees and shrubs have been planted!
Bob and Cindy Hankey Co-Membership Chairs

Following is a PDF file of our membership application. Please Print and submit to Child Girl Woman Lakes Area Association with your $25.00 Membership fee.

Membership Application