Water Patrol

            Water Patrol 2017 Update:

Ted Sigtenhorst

The Woman, Girl Lake Water Patrol is a volunteer organization sponsored and supported by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.  The Sheriff’s Office provides a boat equipped with a 2-way radio which allows direct contact with the Sheriff’s dispatch center should the need arise.

We wear high visibility vests labeled with Sheriff Department Volunteer. Most of our members live on our chain of lakes and patrol in pairs on weekends and holidays. Several are husband/wife teams.  During  2017 Woman, Girl Lake Volunteer Water Patrol activity starting on the Walleye Opener on May 13th continuing to mid-July.  Taking into account that the volunteers are scheduled for patrol on weekends and holidays, there have been 28 patrol days available since opening day. Only one day was missed due to inclement weather. Total hours patrolled to date are 120 which is in line with the mid-summer total of past years.  With approximately 2 months left in our patrol season, we should surpass the 200 hour mark by then end of the patrol season.  Volunteers patrolled for 209 hours in 2016.

There are 17 volunteers including 2 reserves who have volunteered for a total of 120 hours so far this season.  Approximately 6 hours of water patrol boat time was spent by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office in support of the 4th of July fireworks event.  The patrol boat was prepped for the 4th of July parade on the 3rd.  After the parade the patrol boat was available and used to support the fireworks display the evening of the 4th.

Another enjoyable task is rewarding children under 10 years of age who we “catch” wearing their personal floatation devices, as demanded by state law. The reward is a coupon for a free ice cream cone at Frosty’s in town or for treats at Bear Pause Theater in Hackensack. For more information about our volunteer water patrol or to join us as a volunteer, contact me at 363-3634 or email tsigtenhorst@arvig.net.


The Water Patrol is giving a certificate for either a free ice cream cone at Frosty’s in Longville, or a free kid’s combo at the BearPause Theater in Hackensack with the child’s paid admission, for wearing their life preservers. It has proven to be a very popular program for the last several years.