Shoreline Naturalization

Sugar Maple – one of the give-a-ways!

2017 “Tree Program” is a huge success!

Through the 2016 fall newsletter initiative, forty-seven lake association members ordered trees either by mailing in the order form or by ordering through e-mail.  This was the fifth year that the lake association has participated in the “give-a-way” program.  The total number of trees or plants ordered was 338.  Because of how the plantings must be ordered (in bundles of 25 or packs of 6), there were many extra seedlings that could be purchased at the time of the plant pick-ups.

Jim Lewis, Sue Meyer, Don Kruse, and Myles Wagner helped to distribute the trees and plants over three days – May 6 and 7 as well as May 13.  Some members arranged other pick-up times through Myles.

Myles Wagner Shoreline Naturalization Chairman

The total number of plants distributed to association members from orders or additional purchases hit the 400 mark this year.  Think of the impact that many trees, shrubs, or plants will have on the over-all environment of the properties in our association area!   Your response to this program makes it one of the most popular programs that our association offers to its members.  We all benefit in the long term through member participation as well as those birds, butterflies, and animals who also take advantage of the efforts from those of you who do all the plantings.During the five years of this project, the association is proud to announce that we have now exceeded over 2,000 plants that have been given to our members!

Congratulations to all of you who have taken the time and energy to make our area more habitat friendly for future generations of people, flora, and fauna!