Environmental Stewardship

2017 Update

The year had me paying attention to the following things on our Lake chain.  Ice damage to shoreline,  erosion on the Boy river ,  variance applications for land development, encouraging townships to address erosion on roadways that brings run off into wetlands /streams.   These are the following areas I have been researching and working to stay informed on.

VIc Rinke

1:   Calcium chloride use on gravel roads in our Watershed.

2:  Tar sands oil pipelines that were planned to come through the mid Minnesota lake country.

3:  The potato industry/agriculture chemicals in the Park Rapids area.  I will be taking a field trip to Park Rapids with ACCL reps.  to collect data on how they are addressing the issues. Fields are now found east of highway 64 a few miles from Ten Mile, the start of our Boy River Watershed.

4:  A trend in water clarity decline is showing in Woman Lake.  This will be under study in our revised lake management plan.  Boat operators play at big role on erosion and clarity.      Turbulence is a negative factor on the lake environment.   Travel away from the shorelines at slower speeds.  This will help keep the lake water clearer for everything that lives there and for swimmers.

The Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation has moved its office to Walker.   It is the brown cabin on the left side of main street as you leave the main business dist. traveling west.  615 Minnesota Ave. West is their address.   The office phone is 547-4510.  These are the lake conservancy folks to engage if you are concerned about future development of your property.

Please contact me if you have Lake Management concerns.

Vic Rinke – Environmental Stewardship Chairman

vicrinke@gmail.com   or 682-2866 — 218- 820-7500.