Aquatic Invasive Species


08/30/2017 Watermilfoil treated!

The Eurasian watermilfoil at the City Ramp was treated on Wednesday, August 30th by PLM, a commercial herbicide application company from Brainerd. The ramp area is now posted with bright orange signs to let people know that the treatment has been completed. The only restriction is that the water near the ramp cannot be used to water plants or lawns.

07/27/2017  ATTENTION!

Eurasian watermilfoil has been verified in the channel at the Girl Lake launch ramp in Longville. Boaters should refrain from using the ramp unless absolutely necessary, Eurasian watermilfoil is easily spread through stem fragments that can grow into a new plant.


Rich Hess serves as our CGWLAA contact to organizations concerned with AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species.)  Rich recently attended an Association of Cass County Lakes meeting.  It was announced that Cass County will absorb all costs associated with cleaning your watercraft following use in an AIS infected waterway.  Decontamination is vitally important in curbing the spread of an AIS organisms.  Please refer to the attached map which identifies the location of decontamination stations in our area.




The Minnesota DNR lists a total of statewide  889 waters  infested with aquatic invasive species through December 27, 2016.  In Cass County and the connecting counties of Itasca,  Aitkin,  Crow Wing, Wadena, Hubbard and Beltrami there is a total of 141 infested bodies of water including named lakes and streams, and unnamed ponds, streams and wetlands. The invasive species in these counties include zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, flowering rush, faucet snail, starry stonewort, and the spiny waterflea.

New Infestations for 2017

 In Cass County one lake was added for zebra mussels (Leech Lake), and one for starry stonewort (Lake Winnibigoshish).

In Crow Wing County the following waters were newly listed for zebra mussels: Hubert and Lower Cullen Lakes, and Mangan Mine Pit.

In Itasca County Blackwater Lake was added for the faucet Snail.

In Beltrami County Turtle Lake (known as Big Turtle) and Cass Lake were added for starry stonewort.

And in Becker County Maud and Sallie Lakes were added for zebra mussels.

See the DNR’s 2017 Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet for a complete list of infested waters beginning on page 71.

As watercraft users we must all be careful to check our watercraft for invasive species before we launch them into a waterbody. Bait buckets must either be emptied in the trash or have water exchanged prior to leaving any waterbody, and drain plugs must be removed from all watercraft and all boating related equipment prior to transporting.  Further information about aquatic invasive species, infested waters, and watercraft inspections and rules can be found in the Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet for 2017 or on the Minnesota DNR’s website,