Road Signs

Road Signs

2017  Update

33 new name signs have been put up so far this year.  This includes new members and signs that have been damaged.  There are 43 standards around the chain of lakes that display the names of our members. We put up a new standard at Hawk Trail NW.     Beginning June 1, 2017 all nonmember names on Association signs have been removed to updated the signs.  Last year the association name has been added to each standard.  We also contacted members who live on the roads to get help in taking down name signs in which the people no longer live on that road.  If you know of a name that should not be on the standard please let us know.

If you find you have new neighbors, you can tell them how to get a road sign by using this process.

Join the Association by contacting Bob and Cindy Hankey. They are our Co-Chairs for our Membership Committee.

They will contact Don Kruse who will order the sign.

When it is finished it will be put up by Jon Stevenson. If the sign is ordered during the winter then it will be put up in the spring.

If you know of any people who no longer live on your road, please let us know.

Jon Stevenson, chairperson of Road Signs